Ken McNabb Reviews “Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace”

Ken McNabb, clinician and host of one of RFD-TV’s most popular equine shows, recently finished reading Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace. Ken was kind enough to share his response to the book.

With his permission, Amazing Grays Ministry is blessed to pass Ken’s thoughts along here. If you know Ken, then enough said. If you don’t, he stands out as one of the most effective relational horse trainers and clinicians active today. If you teach your horse the foundational concepts and skills Ken shares, you will certainly expand your equine horizons.

“Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace is a great inspirational book. Lynn has done a fantastic job of weaving the relationship between a horse and trainer together with the relationship that we as humans have with God. Horses can teach us some incredible lessons about trust that we as Christians can certainly learn from.”  ~ Ken McNabb, Horse Trainer and Clinician

One of the ways our ministry shares the message is through Amazing Grays. For more information, please visit the BOOK PAGE on this website or the listing at Amazon.

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