Jesus’ Great Commandment Simplified

Jesus tells His disciples in John 15:12 that “This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” In case there is any misunderstanding, John 15:17 emphasizes the point – “These things I command you, that you love one another.” What exactly does “loving one another” look like? Should we be more polite, increase our donations, open our homes, or just smile more often? How do we work out loving one another as He loved us?

The Gateway of the Cross

The Cross of Jesus Christ is not a wooden object lost in antiquity, but a living active Gateway between God and each of His children.

The intersection of the earth and heaven is the Cross within us, a physical representation of the Spirit Himself. It is what makes it possible to be in the world but not of the world. When we abide in the Gateway of the Cross we remain safe, secure, and undaunted by any circumstance in the world. But abiding in the Gateway is an active pursuit, not physical rest or retirement.

The Members of the Cross of Christ

Many who came before me recognized the significance of the members of the Cross. The vertical member is the connection between God and man; the horizontal member is a conduit between each man or woman and all others.

Just as the Ten Commandments are divided between rules to relate to God and each other, the physical Cross is similarly divided.

Loving One Another – Simply

A conduit is a natural passage for conveying matter or energy, being archaically defined as a fountain. The horizontal member of the Cross of Christ is a conduit for movement of blessings to enter into you and pass through to someone else and flow out the other side, beginning this chain reaction anew.

Loving one another as commanded by Christ means allowing free passage of blessings through us and then sending them onward to another. To accept a blessing and keep it only for ourselves is to dam up the work of Christ in the world.

I am the vine and you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing. ~ John 15:5

The proof is always in the fruit. They will know us by our love for one another, and that proof is the fruit produced when God’s blessings are shared. Unless we remain a free-flowing conduit for the bl

Share Your Bounty

essings granted us by God, we become branches that bear no fruit and will be destined for the fire. [John 15:6]

Out of the World

The Gateway of the Cross is reserved only for the family of Jesus Christ. To obey the command to love one another we must be lifted from the world – yet we remain. The Holy Spirit provides the means to rise into the Gateway, suspended at the intersection between the earth at the base of the Cross and the top where the vertical and horizontal timbers meet.

Jesus tells us in John 15:19 that He chose His disciples from out of the world.

Loving One Another

  • What blessing you receive, pass on to others. This is loving one another.
  • When you are forgiven of a trespass, forgive those who have trespassed against you. This is loving one another.
  • What strength you receive, use it to support others. This is loving one another.

Serving as an open conduit for the work of the Spirit in the world produces abundant fruit in this world. Pass the blessings you receive on to others. The concept of tithing is based on a percentage, not some fixed amount of giving. When the amount you have coming in increases so must the amount going out.

As you are blessed, bless others. This is what the command to love one another means.

Share blessings, don’t hoard them. No matter how rich the fertilizer applied to the root of a plant, unless the internal conduit for transporting it to the leaves is open and healthy there will be no harvest, no fruit.

Love, education, and blessings are not diminished when shared, but multiplied. The more you give away the more you find you have.

Receive the blessing that flow to you through the vertical member of the Cross. Be a free-flowing conduit that conveys those blessings to others and you will abide in the Gateway of the Cross, elevated above the difficulty, decay, or depravity of any worldly circumstance.

Love one another – this is not a suggestion, but a direct command from Jesus Christ and His Father. Open wide your channels of blessings and take your seat in the Gateway of the Cross. There’s room for everyone.     .     .     .

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Read more about the Gateway of the Cross in Rapture and Revelation, published by Amazing Grays Ministry/Ark Press. Re-issued 2013

Welcome to the End TIme.

Welcome to the End TIme.


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