How does faith eliminate fear? Practice. Practice. Practice.

Fear floods in when faith runs out. Some people think you can study, listen, or think your way into faith. It doesn’t work that way.

Fear abounds in the world today. Most rulers and governments rule by fear. Citizens and populations don’t realize that pretty promises of food, medical care, education, and housing are the mechanisms that produce dependency and create a very real fear that all those needs may someday be taken away.

There is a certain profundity in simplicity. Simple truths are often learned by working with children or animals.

Fear of Losing Entitlements

Most American teenagers understand this concept perfectly. It is introduced when privileges the teens consider to be absolute needs are taken away when they behave in a way the parents don’t like.

“You didn’t get home on time so no Smart Phone for 3 days!”

“Until you improve your grade in math there will be no movies.”

“If you don’t start showing more respect you will lose the keys to your car.”

Electronics, entertainment, and freedom of movement are provided by the governing authority of the home and can easily be removed if the recipient of said entitlements doesn’t fall into lock step with the rules and wishes of those in charge of the purse strings. The threat of losing such necessary items is enough to get the teen back into line by introducing fear of doing without.

The Newest Offer of Overcoming Fear by Faith

One of my favorite preachers, Dr. David Jeremiah, just introduced his newest book about facing fear by using faith. The book is accompanied by a 10-CD teaching series and a bunch of large flashcards that highlight scriptures applicable to all the categories of fear this preacher has identified. If you order this resource a large box will arrive full of information about facing fear. Then what?

As I watched the pile of stuff included in this offer I was amazed at the number of ways Dr. Jeremiah was offering to say the same thing. That alone proves that overcoming fear is a difficult mountain for most who attempt to conquer it. Every message conveyed in book, audio CDs, and flashcards is in the Bible. You probably already have at least one copy of that book in your home right this minute. Why do you need more?

Our ministry logo stands on the words, “Faith over Fear.” It’s that simple. Simple certainly, but not easy to apply.

The Cure is Proper Application not Just More Education

Christian Horse Training is built on the simple process of building the horse’s faith in the trainer that extinguishes the natural fears of a prey animal and creates security and obedience through a transformational relationship similar to the one enjoyed by new creations in Christ.

The entire foundation, method, and “secrets” of Christian Horse Training are printed on one side of a sheet of paper for those in our training group. The concepts are simple. The problem lies in the application of the steps and concepts. The Bible contains the entire foundation, method, and “secrets” of finding faith to overcome all fear. The problem lies in the application of those concepts.

Simple and Easy are not necessarily synonymous. What ties the two together for Christians or Christian Horse Trainers are unlimited commitment and practice, practice, practice.

The only way to drive fear out is to replace it with faith. Faith is the result of experience that God’s promises are true. Always. Every time you see a promise kept your faith grows a tiny bit. Then another. And another. You cannot read, reason, or think your way into faith.

Two Causes of Christian Fear

There are only two causes of Christian fear, a short and simple list. Here it is:

  1. Fear that God is UNABLE to handle your problem.
  2. Fear that God WON’T handle your problem the WAY YOU WANT HIM TO.

Are you afraid because you believe God isn’t big enough to master your problem? Most folks immediately respond, “Well of course God CAN handle it.”  That leaves option number two. What you fear is that God won’t do what YOU  want Him to.

If you believe that the God who spoke creation into existence is too small to resolve your issue then you might as well quit reading here. Thinking God is not up to the challenge IS a really good reason for fear and I have nothing to offer you in this piece today. But if you’re not quite sure, read on.

Consider that your fear is the possibility of losing something you value or not getting it in the first place. Unless you decide to live in a perpetual pity party it is only reasonable to change the issue from one of fear to an equally challenging one of placing your faith in the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ.

God Faithfully Keeps Every Promise

Whatever God promises He will deliver. He promised to never leave you. He promised to save you from your sin nature and not only transform you while you are yet on planet Earth but to provide a custom-built home with Him for eternity.

Do parents know more than teens? Do teachers know more than students? Certainly no parent or teacher is perfect, but in most cases the threat of removing benefits like electronics or passing grades is done in the best interest of the child’s future. Consequences are founded in love.

God doesn’t work on the same quid-pro-quo basis as the parent or teacher of teenagers, but every gift He offers or withholds is done in perfect love and with the complete knowledge of all that ever was or ever shall be.

That brings us to the issue of faith.

Fear Floods In When Faith Runs Out

Most Christians are quick to state their confidence that God is able to resolve their issue so faith in His power is not at issue. The lack of faith that permits fear to enter is the doubt people have that God loves them enough to provide for them, accept them, forgive them, and that all His promises are deposits already reflected in their personal bank balance of relationship with Jesus Christ.

Satan wants you to worry about having a sufficient amount of goods, relationship, and security. He revels in your fear of doing without. He loves it when you worry about not having enough of anything! Movies and books about characters who sell their soul to the devil in return for a promise of plenty speak truth to human weakness.

Citizens sell their allegiance and obedience to governments. Children “sell” their obedience to parents in order to get back their phones, credit cards, or car keys. And people sell their souls to anyone they think can deliver security.

God the Father purchased your passage into eternity through the life and blood of His Son, Jesus Christ. Your debts are paid in full.  Fear is proof that there is work to be done in your personal relationship with Him, not in any specific issue of earthly measure of need or supply.

Tell Satan to go back to hell

Reading more is not enough. You must DO more if you want to send your fear back to where it came from by replacing it with tiny steps of experiencing God’s faithfulness. Joy, peace, and security are not connected to any earthly or material item. These are yours today. Begin with a moment. Begin with a measure of faith.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Remember, it is the application of God’s Word that delivers. It is active relationship with Jesus Christ that produces faith. If you need help to move even one foot forward toward faith, ask a friend who is able to practice with you for support. Failing that, send us an email.

Fear is Satan’s lie that God either CAN’T solve your problem or that He DOESN’T WANT to solve it the way you want Him to. Tell Satan to go back to hell and leave you alone. Don’t be afraid to risk what the devil promises in return for what God promises.

One is a liar.

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  1. Bill Beavers Dog Crates:

    Well Lynn you have done it again. What a powerful post. Also, you have done what I have not yet managed to do with my blog. Yours is not only filled with wisdom and direction……”It’s Pretty” it’s Crisp……I love it. Great Job.

    • Lynn Lynn:

      Thanks, Bill. I’m hoping to get simpler, crisper, and more effective with some new updates coming later this year. The wisdom is not mine – I learn at the feet of the Holy Spirit and all the animals who educate me!

  2. Roger Williams:

    “Practice. Practice. Practice.”

    Amen, Lynn …. we do it with everything else, how unwise not to do it with the word of God. Romans 10:17.

    A commitment to reading and embracing the first 4 chapters of Proverbs every day for 6 weeks will show the futility of allowing fear to rule. Great post!

    • Lynn Lynn:

      Thank you, Roger. Now I’m off to check your citations. I know from experience they are always spot on. I’m pretty solid on the Proverbs without looking but will review and refresh on Romans 10. Blessings.

  3. Dan Cooksey:

    Great post and so true. I didn’t become a Christian until I was 39 (now 68). Over the years I learned that Satan’s strategy before I became a Christian was to blind me to the truth found in Christ. After I accepted Jesus, I learned his strategy is now to make me ineffective as a Christian so I won’t influence others toward Christ. Fear is one of his tools to do that. My favorite Satan fighting tool is the word ‘NO!’

    Keep up the good work.


    • Lynn Lynn:

      Dan, whenever we are addressing Satan “No” is always the best choice just as our best response when addressing Christ is always “YES”! Thank you for making it so simple.

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