Healed by God’s Amazing Grace

Nestled among all that is noble, generous, and magnificent in a person is something sinister- sin. Sin comes as standard equipment in each human born into the world. Sin is not a disease one contracts but a characteristic of our very nature.

A recent ministry post describes how the US lost it’s courage,  and that our nation, our families, and our churches are quitters. Most have surrendered to sin and left the battle. Is the war over?

Christianity – the Bad News

There is no cure on earth for what ails us. There is no medicine, no procedure, no amputation, and no mortal skill than can excise sin from our being. That is reality. That is the bad news about mankind. But wait…

Christianity – the Good News

There is a cure. There is a healer who has a remedy that will remove the tendrils of sin that permeate each nook and cranny of our body, soul, and spirit.

Jesus Christ, by the power of His Spirit, is both willing and able to cleansing each particle of the cancer of sin from our lives. We have no power of our own, but His is available for application today. Become a New Creation in Jesus and live a life cleansed from sin and blessed by exceeding joy in the peace and promises of the Savior.

We are healed by God’s Amazing Grace.

.     .     .

8 Signs That We Are a Nation of Quitters – Surrendered to Sin

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