He Came Looking for Me

Discover how the plight of a real horse doomed to slaughter can speak a simple, yet profound, message of hope and redemption to Christians today. Are you lost? Afraid? Abandoned? Is your last ounce of hope gone? There is hope even if  all you see is darkness in every direction.

Second edition released April 2013, Ark Press Publishing.

One reader’s comment:

“The author… is a very impressive writer and paints a beautiful, sad, horrible, yet wonderful picture of many things.”

 Shiner's Story - rescued from slaughter

Like a modern Black Beauty, a very real horse named Shiner tells his side of the story of his journey from death to life in his own words. Author Lynn Baber tells the human side of the story and why it is important to you today regardless of how hopeless your circumstances.  You may be in desperate times, but there is good news.

“The little girl reached her small hand through the rails of the fence I was tied to and touched my poor sunburned face. For just a moment I touched her back. As her fingers left my face she said to me, “I hope you find a nice home.” Her father didn’t say it, but he knew that probably wasn’t going to happen. The pair moved down the aisle of the auction barn away from me, our brief encounter already forgotten.”

Will this horse doomed for slaughter be ransomed? Author Lynn Baber helps Shiner, the lost son of a prized Appaloosa mare, share his true story of rescue in He Came Looking For Me.

What do the story of an unwanted horse and the promise of a mansion in heaven have in common? This true story is a testament to hope and redemption through Jesus Christ.

Study groups and book clubs will find an easy-to-use Discussion Section at the end of the book.

Shiner’s story is more than just a simple tale of how two horses returned to their forever home, it is the story of promise and victory for each one of us in a relationship with Jesus Christ. No matter how far away, how alone, how defeated you feel today, there is One who is searching for you and will redeem you just when you are most in need.

Scripture is the glue that binds the parts of Shiner’s story together with that mansion in heaven.

Shiner came home. Discover how you can, too. From relational horse training to Christian victory, Lynn Baber shares messages of faith in print, in person, and in the round pen.