“You will find inspiration in the pages of this easy to read, but hard to put down book.”  He Came Looking for Me

David M. writes:

He Came Looking for Me is a book like none other I have read. The author’s unique writing style is both captivating and refreshing. This is a warm-hearted story of reconnecting with horses that had been part of a breeding program, the trials of locating them, and restoring them to healthy bodies and healthy relationships. The author masterfully parallels the experience of seeking and finding and restoring foals once sold in the breeding program, to the heart of God that comes looking for those needing hope and redemption. I read it a second time in one sitting and found myself reading parts out loud to friends. You will find inspiration in the pages of this easy to read, but hard to put down book. I highly recommend He Came Looking for Me!

“… an extraordinary book that should be a must read for animal lovers.”

Jen S. writes:

He Came Looking For Me is an extraordinary book that should be a must read for animal lovers. The author beautifully correlates the story of reuniting with two lost horses, with the promise that God makes that He will never lose us. The idea that just as God has prepared a place for us in Heaven, Lynn had prepared a place for Ace and Shiner, even before she had found them, in her home pasture. Throughout the book the author ties moments in her search for, and relationship with, the horses to relevant scripture. She never allows us to forget that God has a plan, and that all God asks us to do is simply move one foot forward toward that plan each day.

The discussion section of the book makes this ideal for a Non traditional Bible study or book club.

This book seems like it would be a quick read, but I found it to be delightfully otherwise. The ideas that the author presents us with give us the opportunity to slow down, inviting us to reflect on each one before moving forward. Truly a wonderful book that I cannot wait to pass on to the animal lovers in my life.

Linda M. writes:

HE CAME LOOKING FOR ME is an outstanding example of weaving God’s Truth and His plans into our everyday life and our relationship to our Lord. HE CAME LOOKING FOR ME is an excellent book which blends Baber’s love for her horses and her God. It’s a must read for any animal lover and will be the catalyst for a relationship with Christ.

S.B. writes:

He Came Looking for Me proclaims to the reader that each individual has a home in Christ no matter the current or past circumstance of that person. Lynn Baber writes about the quest she and her husband took searching for sons of their beloved stallion. She compares the hunt for the horses to God’s diligent search for us. It is a book that offers hope, demonstrates love, and shows the reader the value of faith.

As in her first book, Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace, the author explores the similarity of a person’s relationship with his/her horse and the relationship a person has with Christ. Training lessons with her horses are compared to the discipline God uses to teach each person to reach closer to Him. The reader is wrapped up in learning how Lynn dealt with respect issues with her newly found horses. Parables are examined to demonstrate the similarity between lessons with the horses and the lessons God gives to capture our attention. Present day conflict and strife individuals face are discussed and tied back to God’s never-ending longing for a relationship with each individual. Lynn’s message is consistent. People have value, God has not forgotten his creation, a home in Christ is waiting. God does not change his mind. He has given us a promise He will fulfill.

The story of the Baber’s abandoned horses pulls at the reader’s heart strings, leaving the reader to wonder how horses could be left in this fashion. However, the story is not solely about the pain and anguish of neglected horses, but God’s perfect timing in rescuing the horses in need. If God can provide refuge to meet the needs of horses, the author points out, imagine what He is capable of providing to His most valuable creation.

God has a place for us all, the book assures us. No matter our mistakes and failings, like the horses that were not cared for, there is a final home for us and one day, He will lead us there. At times it seems like God does not listen to our problems, Baber writes, yet God does not operate on human time. His timing is perfect. His battle is won. We are His.

Barb S. writes:

Shiner and Ace, two offspring of Lynn’s beloved Appaloosa, Sky, who departed this earth a few years ago and whom we met in Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace, are the metaphor for every sinner who is lost, in pain, and starving for the love of God. There are no coincidences; only God incidences, as Lynn shows us in the story of how she and her husband independently and simultaneously concluded that they must go search for the two young horses out of Sky that they had sold long ago. While it is a great true story of rescue and redemption of two special horses, the parallel tale of God’s love for us is no less compelling. No matter how far we have strayed from “the Way, the Truth, and the Life” (Jn. 14:6), no matter how angry we might be with God, His boundless love keeps pursuing us, calling us to Himself. We are special to Him.

Lynn’s book shows us that just as Shiner and Ace were never out of the Baber’s minds, so we are never out of God’s mind. The two Appaloosas could not rescue themselves nor can we rescue ourselves, but at the time when we are most helpless, vulnerable, and hopeless, He will send the right person to bring us to Him, just as He sent the Babers to find Shiner and Ace. The technique of giving the horses their own voice makes this tale even more poignant. It is a beautiful book of hope and peace of heart along with being a really good story.

Jackie W. writes:

“I just finish reading this book about 5 mins ago [and wrote this email] to tell you how much I loved it…

I have read Amazing Grays also.  You have completely changed my views on horse training.  After reading your books, my training process with my horses has become so spiritual.  I know, that I need God in all aspects of my life, including building relationships with my horses.
This book was very touching to me. It really hit home for me, as I had a horse that my dad sold and her life did not end well. It was nice to hear a story that did end well. Lynn’s books really relate to what I am trying to accomplish with my life. To have relationship with God and my horses, and to share that testimony with others.

It seems like when I’ve hit a brick wall with my yearling, I will read something in one of your books to help me through it.  Thanks so much for sharing your story.

In “He Came Looking For Me”, you mention a third book.  What is that title, I would love to read it.”

Marykay Moore writes:

“He Came Looking For Me” is a refreshing, delightful, and insightful book. Lynn Baber draws you into a “Looking Glass” so to speak…where you see, feel, and experience the connection and relationship between humans and horses. Then she expertly shifts the focus to our unique and significant relationship to God. Lynn depicts the lives,actions, and behavior of her horses Shiner and Ace, Bo, Swizzle and Asti in a simple yet compelling way. Lynn leads you into their stories with amazing depth and compassion and perspective. This is a book masterfully written with new and exciting things to learn on every page. It’s a page turner that you don’t want to put down till you’ve read it through completely. I recommend this book for you and as gifts for all your friends. Enjoy this tender and moving story.