Hallelujah Chorus video goes viral

If you are in need of a holiday smile, here it is. Rejuvenate your spirit with a cup or tea of coffee and spend the next few minutes in a shopping mall food court.  This video filmed in Canada on November 13, 2010 was shot as a Christmas card from Alphabet Photography. May the proprietors of Alphabet Photography be blessed for this gift to us all.

If you’ve heard of it but not watched, please make the effort. If you’ve seen it before – enjoy it again!

For those who are old enough or who come from a certain background… it is traditional to stand while the Hallelujah Chorus is sung. I noted with pleasure that there were some in the food court mall who were still rooted enough in either tradition, respect, or love – to stand and enjoy once the shock of the situation wore off! I think there were even a few who joined in…

May you have a blessed Christmas. Rejoice! Add this video to your day…


With gratitude to www.AlphabetPhotography.com

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