For such a time as this

Horses and dogs are fed AFTER my husband and I drink the first pot of coffee in bed and watch the news. The news this morning was as troublesome as the news was yesterday morning and the morning before that.

“I don’t like the times we live in.” I said to my husband. Never before had I felt that way. In fact, there have been several times I remarked that perhaps we were blessed to have lived through one of the best eras in human history… the 1950s through the 1980s.

Washing machines, microwaves, leisure, freedom, the opportunity to work hard and achieve success on our own merits, and a society that agreed on what was right and what was wrong made those years something to treasure, if only in memory. God is no longer welcome in education or politics, and has been barred from most public places.

What happened to the Shining City on a Hill?

No forty year span is without its trials and rough spots, but overall the citizens of the United States of America were blessed to call her “my country.”  What happened to that shining city on a hill?

That shining city slid down the steep embankment of dis-society in the mother of all moral erosions and now lies in a dirty heap at what I fear is not yet quite the bottom of the mountain.

Immediately after I spoke these lyrics came to mind:

For such a time as this

I was placed upon the earth

To hear the voice of God

And do His will, whatever it is.

The lyrics were inspired by Queen Esther.

“For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” – Esther 4:14

The people of the United States (indeed the world…) are like seventy-two snarling jackals (no offense to jackals) tied up inside a burlap sack gnawing at each other in an attempt to get control of all the other snarling jackals inside the bag. Those jackals are about as enlightened as the electorate is today.

Look closely at the 72 Jackals and the US Electorate

  • The jackals are INSIDE a burlap sack.
  • The jackals are unable to get OUT OF the burlap sack.
  • The jackals believe their problem is with the OTHER seventy-one jackals in the burlap sack.

What’s wrong with that logic? Plenty, unless all seventy-two jackals lined up politely to enter the sack and were then tied inside by one who was mutually agreed upon by all.

The people of the United States are fighting among themselves. Those seventy-two jackals would be smarter to figure out WHO forced them into the bag than to snap and bite each other. Once out of the bag the jackals could identify the culprit who took away their liberty and encouraged them to fight among themselves.

The jackals (the electorate) need to realize they have a COMMON PROBLEM and work together to solve it. Only then will they get OUT of the bag and go after the guy who put them there in the first place.

Today is “Such a time”

The choice that lies at the very heart of every ideology, philosophy, action, or opinion is a simple one. The citizens of the world are being asked to choose between (1) God, and (2) Not God. There is no middle ground. The only people who argue that there is another option are guilty of either trapping jackals in burlap sacks or are trapped in one themselves.

The harvest is ready. God is busy preparing His people for their homecoming. The first century AD was rich in spiritual activity, both heavenly and not. The twenty-first century is equally rich.

If you’re reading this then you too were born for “Such a time as this.” Would you prefer to live in a time of leisure and worldly opportunity or the eternal opportunity we are being called to today?

Are you actively listening for the voice of God? Are you prepared to do whatever He wills?

Indeed, for such a time as this we were placed upon the earth, settled in this country, and must choose today:

God or Not God.

Read more about this simple choice. Click on book cover below:

Welcome to the End TIme - God or Not God?.

Welcome to the End TIme – God or Not God?.




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