End Time – God gathers His scattered children

The people of God are being assembled as a remnant and will become prey for Satan’s elect. This is the End Time. Ministries and individuals across the globe are sharing the message that it is time to return to our first love [Revelation 2:4.] I am amazed and heartened to see in daily events God’s faithfulness to those who call Jesus Lord. Why would I expect anything other than consistent testimony among the flock when the facts are inspired by the Holy Spirit? Yet, being human, I marvel at the universality of both message and schedule, and how the events of our day have been scripted for millenia.

The Bible is true.

“[Caiaphas] prophesied that Jesus would die for the nation, and not for that nation only, but also that He would gather together in one the children of God who were scattered abroad.” – John 11:51-52

The Bible speaks to time past, time present, and time future. Caiaphas prophesied of Jesus’ imminent death and the reassembling of the Jewish nation. His words also add to the myriad of scripture about end time matters.

The message today is to listen. Do you hear the Shepherd’s voice calling to you? He speaks through many people in places near and far. The call is the same. Return to the Lord. Assemble yourself with the body of Christ. Return to your first love.

A house divided cannot stand. Join the remnant and rejoice in the promise of Jesus. In this world we will have tribulation, but Jesus has overcome the world! [John 16:33]

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Rapture and Revelation – The Shepherd is calling

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