Drawing From The Well of Grace

My husband and I are in the home stretch of preparing our new place. Most of our work inside the house part of the building is done, the horse stalls are finished, and the fence that will keep the equine members of the family off the front porch will be completed by week’s end.

Just as a racehorse must push itself to the very limit of what is physically possible in the final furlongs to reach victory, we are also mustering all resources to complete the work at the new, begin to move horse, house, and property stuff, and then make all at the old ready for another family.

“You can’t come into the house today…”

Fatigue, aching muscles, and stretched resources of all kinds are draining our reserves. Each evening we must visit the well of God’s grace that we may begin anew each morning.

God’s Grace is Only For Today

It is our human character that prays for this time to proceed and come to a blessed conclusion in order that we may begin the “real work” of our lives. Immediately such a petition leaves our mouth the Spirit intervenes in correction. The grace of God will not be found in any prayer that sees today as a chore and asks for a quick transition to a perceived future state of bliss.

Moses was repeatedly challenged by the Israelites who wanted their time in the desert to pass quickly that they might enter the promised land. The Israelites lusted for the bounty of the promised land. Lust is always wrong.

Today is a day of blessing. The well of God’s grace is there for our use today and every day. The work we do today is every bit as important as any Bible study or ministry event that will take place in our new home. We are building a place dedicated to passing the blessing God bestows on us through to those who enter the Gateway that is our new home.

Work is a Blessing, Not a Period Between Times of Bounty and Ease

King David was not permitted to build the temple because of his sin with Bathsheba. Ergo, building the temple was a great blessing that passed on to Solomon. Building a Gateway that joins this world with the next is also a great blessing.

When the going gets tough, the tough draw from the well of Grace.

As we continue the daily work of building and relocating, I am reminded that this is a time more akin to building a temple and not one of roaming around and around a mountain in the desert. Today is all we have, and we are meant to use it well and use it up.

The well of Grace is emptied at the end of each day; like the manna provided to the Israelites it will not keep until the next day – but what is needed tomorrow will be provided once tomorrow becomes today.

“In stripes, in imprisonments, in tumults, in labors, in sleeplessness, in fastings” ~ 2 Corinthians 6:5

Paul was never too proud, too tired, too defeated, or too busy to draw from the well of Grace. In this end time, we also are workers for the Kingdom. When you are poured out and used up, draw from the well of Grace to be refreshed and re-blessed.

I’m excited to begin work again tomorrow. May you be equally blessed!

God’s Grace Renewed Daily


  1. Roger Williams:

    God’s grace & blessing was poured into me by reading this, Lynn. Thank you. I look forward to learning more about the set-up of your new home. May God bless you all heaps.

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