Does God Speak to You Personally

Years ago I wondered why others “heard” God’s voice directly while I did not. When someone else spoke a message from the Holy Spirit  intended for me I recognized it, but I didn’t enjoy direct communication. The Holy Spirit speaks only to Himself. New creations in Jesus Christ are indwelt by the living Spirit of God. It is only possible to communicate with this Spirit if it is already present within.

Communicating requires a sender and a receiver

Radio transmissions pass over and around us every day but we can’t “hear” them unless we have a receiver set to the proper frequency. Unless we are indwelt by the Holy Spirit (receiver) we cannot hear what the Holy Spirit transmits.

Morse Code requires two things: a working receiver/sender unit and a knowledge of Morse Code itself. You may hear what seem like random dits and dahs, but unless you know what they mean there can be no communication.

Confusion over messaging increases when distractions and human intellect enter the equation. Your Morse Code receiver may be ditt-ing and dah-ing like mad, but the message will be lost if other noise distracts or you are simply too far away from the receiver.

Morse Code

Even when you obediently note and decipher the code there can be complications. You look at the message you “heard” and conclude that the message must have been improperly transcribed or decoded.  Critical examination by purely human intellect (or the voice of another) tells us that the message MUST be wrong. ‘This can’t be what God means, can it?’ The most toxic agent against fragile faith is our own doubt.

Persevere. Practice. Pray without ceasing.

Persevere. Practice. Pray without ceasing. Spend time in your Bible and give the Spirit the opportunity to engage with you. As focus and faith increase your “hearing” will improve and both the content and frequency of messages received will increase exponentially.

Though years pass by the process will continue. There are still times I get distracted and wonder why there is no message or if my hearing has failed. I KNOW the sender is always on duty and makes no mistakes. Doubt is always about my own ability to understand. But when I pray for clarification it is faithfully provided as long as I stay near my receiver and listen.

The Bible: God’s Word interpreted by His Spirit

The Bible is both subject and method when it comes to hearing God speak. It is both instructor and content, given life by the Spirit of God. No mortal will ever master the ability to send and receive spiritual “code.”  Our bit is simply to show up, focus, and offer obedience. God will handle the rest.

How long has it been since you tuned your receiver?

.   .   .

“Rapture and Revelation” is specifically the result of a direct message transmitted and received. I heard it. It was simple. It was clear. It was repeated. And I was on the hook until I obeyed. What message is God sharing with you?



  1. Roger Williams:

    “Confusion over messaging increases when distractions and human intellect enter the equation.”

    I had to stop writing yesterday, Lynn for that very reason.

    This morning on my walk I heard, “Press through.” What a difference a day makes? Yeah … but what a difference the Lord makes when I get out of His way! Thanks for the blessing.


    • Lynn:

      Happens to me enough, Roger, to know that I don’t always quit when I should…

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