Creating Fearless Children and Horses

Being fearless is the ultimate blessing when our security is based on worthy leadership. The pivotal point is faith. When our children are fearless because we are worthy parents they are blessed. When our horses discard their natural prey instincts and choose faith in our leadership we are blessed. Faith in God begets fearlessness in His children.

How does this happen?


” In their innocence, young children may be devoid of fear because they believe absolutely in the omnipotence of their parents. The young boy tells his neighborhood bully in complete confidence, “My daddy’s bigger than your daddy.” The child has no fear because he believes his father to be the biggest and greatest of all humans, without flaw or blemish.”

All children one day learn that their parents are only human with feet of clay. At that moment fear will begin to enter the child’s life – unless the parents have introduced him or her to the God who will never fail them.


“So it is with children of God when once we come to faith that our God is the only God, the almighty God, the God of creation, the God who spoke the world into existence, and the God who is who he says he is and can do what he says he can do. Armed with this faith and our relationship with this awesome God, we no longer have any fear. God is a father bigger than any other. He is the one who will never fall from his throne. His feet are not made of clay.”


“If the human trainer is firmly established on a sturdy [leadership] pedestal, their horse will not default to a fear mode. That horse’s nature has been changed by the relationship shared with the trainer. .. Horses in strong relationship to their trainer, when confronted by fear, run to their trainer, now away from their trainer.”

“Love may be grand, but loving leadership is the relationship that creates confidence, strength, defines our character, and allows us to enjoy perfect green pastures beside still, beautiful waters without any concern about potential dangers lurking just over the quiet hillside.  God is on his throne. He has told us he is God. He has proven that he is God. We are secure.”

Parents, be consistent and worthy of your role as leaders, teachers, and protectors of your children. Introduce them to Jesus Christ before they need Him.

Horse owners, be the leader your horse needs you to be: consistent, worthy, and present.

For children of God, when in doubt – run to Jesus Christ.



All quotations are from the chapter in Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace,  ” The Difference Between Love and Loving Leadership”.  For more information click on the title, the photo, or visit our BOOKS tab at the top of this page.


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