“Concerning Christian Liberty” – rare Kindle discovery

Martin Luther lived a human life filled with soaring peaks and valleys of despair and disease. Yet, his commitment to God paved the way for every present day Christian, Protestant or not, to explore a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

After discovering that the instructions for creating a Kindle book were free – but only in Kindle form – I broke down and finally bought a Kindle. Technology is a necessary evil in 2012; to be resisted whenever possible. I have yet to text anyone and my iPhone does not have text capability. Still – there is a brand new Kindle Touch on my desk and I tripped merrily through the list of free titles on Amazon the day it arrived.

Choosing God over Church

One of the free books I downloaded is Concerning Christian Liberty by Martin Luther. The text is a letter to Pope Leo X, the vehicle used by Luther to express his distress and pain at the prospect of having to choose God over the church. His angst is eerily applicable to the tightrope being walked by many Christians today.

As I read Luther’s words I thought, if you replace the proper names of people and places in the book with those in the news today, the message is fresh and, unfortunately, relevant and true today.

 “In 2009 the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) adopted a policy of “whatever works for you is okay by us.”

“What else is this, than either to make God a liar, or to doubt His truth — that is, to attribute truth to ourselves, but to God falsehood and levity? In doing this, is not man denying God and setting himself up as an idol in his own heart?” – Martin Luther, Concerning Christian Liberty

The ELCA today operates in stark contrast to the precepts of its namesake and author of its original doctrine.”   –  Rapture and Revelation, pg 114.

Human beings are as constant as anything in the universe. We never seem to change. The only passage from our original sinful state to something more elevated is rebirth as a New Creation in Christ. If you have a Kindle, I’ve provided the link to Luther’s book for you at the end of this post.  What was true in 1520 is still true in 2012.

Enjoy this free Kindle gem. A link to the Kindle format of our new title, Rapture and Revelation, is also noted. The cost is $2.99 and all proceeds go directly to the ministry.

 Concerning Christian Liberty free on Kindle

Rapture and Revelation on Kindle

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