Christian Testimony – Are You a Burning Bush?

See how it burns, yet is not consumed! The burning bush that grabbed Moses’ attention in the desert of Horeb [Exodus 3: 3-4] is a metaphor for Christian testimony. Here was Moses just minding his own business tending sheep in the back of the desert when this instance of spontaneous combustion occurred.

Today most of us garner attention utilizing electronic media of one kind or other. God has always been far more creative – who would have thought of a burning bush? Not surprisingly it was extremely effective. Who could resist looking at a fire blazing nearby? Imagine how much greater the impact when one realizes the object ablaze is not being consumed.

Be a Witness to the Miracle of Your Walk with Christ

How is your testimony to be like that of the burning bush? God sent the sizzling shrub to gain Moses’ attention by using the miracle of fire that does not consume.

The Lord is using a combination of natural disasters and the testimony of His people to get the attention of those not yet in the family of Christ. Christians today, like many others, stand among the flame of illness, loss, persecution, pain, and danger. Whether that fire is kindled by natural disaster, conflict, economic hardship, or the loss of a loved one, who among us remains untouched by the heat?

Purified, Not Destroyed

Those without Christ are burned, scarred, and ultimately consumed by the flames of the world. Not so the children of the King of Kings. The effect of such heat on Christians is purification, not destruction.

Moses saw the power of the Most High God in a blazing bush.  Christians have a duty to witness in the same way to others; to live in the flames of our world without being consumed by them.

Though pelted by fiery darts, our joy remains intact; our peace remains in place; and our future is assured. Standing undaunted amid the flames that surround us is a powerful testimony to others.

Daniel and his two fellows withstood the heat of Nebuchadnezzar’s furnace untouched. We must do the same today, each of us in our own place and circumstance.

Preach the Gospel

The great commission from Jesus Christ is to preach the gospel to all men. St. Francis of Assisi outlined a simple, practical way for most of us to comply:

Preach the gospel constantly. Use words if necessary.

No matter how hot the blaze that sears the very air around you, by the power of the Holy Spirit you will not be consumed.  The burning bush got Moses’ attention. Preach the Gospel to others by walking upright, in faith, and be a witness to others that although a relationship with Jesus Christ does not insure perfect worldly circumstances, it does guarantee they will not consume us.

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