Cell Phone Photos, Plastic Surgery, and the Gospel

The curtain opened, revealing nothing magical at all, only the back of a tiny little man frantically pulling levers and speaking into a voice distorting microphone. Do you recognize this climactic scene from the Wizard of Oz? The wizard was nothing more than a snake-oil salesman from Kansas, come to Oz by accident in a balloon.

Wizard of OZ

The residents of Oz and surrounding environs looked to the Wizard for leadership, security, and believed him to have a supernatural ability to affect the course and outcome of their lives. When the curtain opened the lie was exposed.

If memory serves me, it was Toto the pup who pulled back the curtain, proving that one must indeed be careful around animals or children. They will either upstage you or expose anything about you that is fraudulent.

Invasion of Privacy – Cell Phone Photos

Millions of amateur photogs and videographers attend our nation’s public schools and inhabit the concourses of airports and shopping malls across the world. The headline, “Caught on tape!” no longer catches our attention as it once did. There’s more caught on tape every minute than most of us care to see.

Why do folks get so peeved by such invasion of privacy? What are they doing in public that causes such consternation when anonymously posted on Facebook or You Tube? If there is bad behavior here, who is the guilty party?

When Plastic Surgery Is A Lie

Plastic surgery is one of the fastest growing indulgences of modern men and women – and children. But, is there really any problem with plastic surgery performed for no greater purpose than becoming more attractive to strangers?

Once upon a time, I was campaigning a young stallion in conformation classes. He was gorgeous, almost perfectly proportioned, with the tiniest fox ears, big soft eyes, and enough toned muscling to make any filly stop grazing when he sauntered by. We were cleaning up in the show pen and felt pretty good about being high point in the nation.

Then we heard that one of my colt’s primary challengers had taken a transformative break in his show schedule. Did you know that horses used to get plastic surgery? Their appearance could be changed in a number of ways. Does it still happen? I have no idea. But whenever power and money is on the table, temptation will be found sitting somewhere nearby.

The next time we met this stallion in the show arena he looked completely different. He looked great and we got beat at the biggest show of the year. My stallion still made National Champion that year, but there was a larger issue than our loss.

Uncovered and Discovered

Conformation horses are supposed to represent the best breeding stock available.  Anyone who bred their mare to this other stallion might expect a foal that looked like his sire. But, Daddy no longer looked like Daddy. Altering the appearance of a show horse may win more trophies, but as breeding candidates they make promises they can’t deliver on.

The only reason I’m telling you this story is to soft pedal into my next point.

What happens in the mind of a young girl when she first realizes her nose isn’t cover girl beautiful? Daddy is handsome and Mother’s (new) nose is simply button-cute so, ‘Why aren’t I beautiful?”

Is plastic surgery a sin? I don’t think so, but it does provide fodder for discussion.

Candid Photos, Nose Jobs, and the Gospel

The purpose of pointing out that cosmetic enhancements are not passed on through DNA provides an illustration for the scripture verses that got me started on this piece today.

For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, nor hidden that will not be known. Therefore whatever you have spoken in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have spoken in the ear in inner rooms will be proclaimed on the housetops. ~ Luke 12:2-3

Are you guilty of behavior in public that you wouldn’t want screened before Sunday brunch with the whole family? Then, why are you behaving so poorly in the first place? If you don’t want something you do to become news, don’t do it.

Why do parents take on all-comers to defend the right to privacy of their children instead of correcting the bad behavior recorded and shared? Please don’t misunderstand me, those who capture and distribute material without the consent of those involved also need behavioral intervention. The players on both sides of the lens are guilty.

If you don’t want something you say to be played over and over again online, don’t say it. Have you complained about your husband to a friend? Belittled your wife to a buddy? Ridiculed your parents? Told a co-worker you couldn’t figure out what was wrong with your idiot son or daughter? What would happen if your comments made the evening news, in one of those Oops-open-mic moments? With today’s technology, it happens.

What have you said, or thought, about God? Whether anyone else was present or not, trust me, it is on the record. Nothing will be hidden – not actions, not words, and not thoughts.

The Clock is Ticking

We’re in the end time. It really is time to examine every part of our lives. Are we living up to the standards established for Christians in the Bible? This isn’t some competition, this is a matter of eternal life. The only way to be ready when the Bridegroom comes is to be ready – now.

Is there something you’re hoping won’t be “Caught on tape?”

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