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Some days you’re the windshield – Some days you’re the bug

Some days I feel strong, energetic, and able to do most of what I could as a 30-year old. Other days I feel more like an over-cooked noodle. I call days like that Bug Days. Today is a Bug Day. I feel fine. There’s no soreness anywhere, no bind or pull, and except for my
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Difference between Snaffle and Leveraged Bits – Take the quiz

Ask 100 people to explain to you what a snaffle bit is and you will get a whole bunch of wrong answers. In fact, the majority of answers may well be incorrect. Most people think that a snaffle bit is a snaffle bit because it has a broken mouthpiece. And that would be the wrong
Category: Christian Horse Training

Speed Control – Train Your Horse to Slow Down

The number one reason horses speed up is to maintain their balance. Think of a toddler just beginning to walk regularly. The minute he gets a little off balance he starts to totter faster and faster until PLOP, down he goes. Horses also use momentum to maintain balance. Practical and easy exercises to slow your horse
Category: Christian Horse Training

Becoming Fearless – Human or Horse

What does "fearless" look like in a horse? How may Christians be even more certain that their Leader is worthy and faithful? Excerpt from "Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace" - by request from a reader.
Category: Christian Horse Training

Rider Error # 37 – Teaching Horse to Quit

Does your horse lose his frame the minute you relax your hand, seat, or leg? If you quit insisting does your horse quit working? Riding a horse is like driving a car. Teach your horse not to quit. The best example of leadership is your relationship with Jesus.
Category: Christian Horse Training

Horse Trainers and Christians – A Requirement to “Soak”

Both Christians and horse trainers fail when either is more concerned about observable activity than time spent soaking. What is soaking? It is time spent in reflection; at rest; in relationship. Without it, all the activity in the world in Christian service or galloping in abandon is fruitless.
Category: Christian Horse Training
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