Between Two Thieves on New Years

Christmas festivities are over and once the mess is cleaned up it is time to look forward to the New Year. What do you feel during the valley between Christmas and New Year;  Anticipation, dread, or do you plan to pull the covers up over your head and not get up until January 2nd?

Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves – regret for the past and fear of the future.  – Fulton Oursler

Past sins and failures can weigh you down, making it difficult to reach the refreshing, clear air of the promising New Year. Fear of the future is nothing more than the fear of repeating the mistakes of our past. The Cross of Christ is a finished work that removed the sins of our past and promises a brilliant future that is ours both now and shortly to come.


Regret is a part of repentance, not a life sentence. When the Enemy points out your many failings to you, simply point out the Cross to him.

As a new creation in Jesus Christ you are free of your past. The future is more than anything we can imagine. The question is what do New Creations do about New Year’s Resolutions? There is no specific verse to cite about such things. But the entire message is clear – Pursue Christ.

Fulton Oursler

Mr. Oursler was an author and journalist who grew up a Baptist, lived for decades as an agnostic, then returned to Christ later in life. The film, The Greatest Story Ever Told, based on his book, was released in 1965. Mr. Oursler knew what it was to hang between regret and fear, and also knew Who could free him. Can you say the same?

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