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God changes assignments – my ministry becomes even more personal

After 7+ years Amazing Grays Ministry, Inc. was dissolved in July 2016. Gospel Horse is the continuation of the mission to serve those who love Jesus Christ and horses. Lynn is still available to help and there will be more books coming in the future. This site ( will continued to be maintained with the
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Is it ever okay for your horse to say “No”?

One of the buzzwords of "natural horsemanship" is respect. Clinicians teach dozens of ways to encourage, earn, or require respect from a horse. Of course, you can't "require" respect. Doing that is synonymous with invoking fear. But - is it ever okay for your horse to tell you, "No"? You might be surprised at
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Outrageous behavior in Dogs and Horses – the Bad News and the Good News

There are days when I wonder if the ones I love (especially dogs and horses) have lost their minds. They behave in outrageous ways that shock or mystify. My first response is usually, “What were you thinking?!?” Why it's necessary to think before reacting and the reason dogs and horses do obnoxious things...
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God and Horses: What is the Journey of Joy?

Success is the quality of the journey that begins with submission to God’s will and continues until His will becomes our joy. Transformative relationship with Jesus Christ opens the door to similar relationship with our horses.
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Robust Imagination – Victory with God and Horses

Robust imagination feeds life shared with Jesus Christ and horses. Nature is both work surface and buffet for seekers of truth, lovers of all things equine, and the passionate pursuit of Jesus Christ. Imagination produces a warm cocoon of relationship with forests, fields, and the creatures who call them home.
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What the Apostle Paul and Good ‘Ol Rope Horses have in Common

Most bomb-proof horses have two things in common: patience and contentment. Good ‘ol rope horses are hauled, borrowed, and stand tied for hours to arena rails, trailers, trees, and truck bumpers. Horses also learn to patiently stand tied to nothing more than one another.
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Balance and Relaxation Clinic De-Brief

Nervous or uncertain riders often seek skills to manage anxiety. Some horses are anxious and look to the rider for stability and guidance. Gospel Horse teaches riders a variety of mounted exercises to (1) learn how to maintain focus, and (2) offer horses the opportunity to know what is expected of them in a way
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Why horses bite and what to do about it – How to earn respect

What do you do if your horse bites you? Is food aggressive? Takes a sneaky little nibble when being led? How do you earn your horse's respect?
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Quality of Life Lessons from Dogs and Horses

Horses and dogs are far better at relationships than people. What can we learn from them about quality of life issues?
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Does your horse have a current Job Description?

Horses commonly disappoint owners, riders, trainers, and breeders because they were set up to fail. If you're not sure why your horse is failing, preparing a job description for him or her is an excellent first step. Jobs range from entry level to the place where the buck stops (no pun intended.)
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