Aspiring to fail like Jesus – Look past the status quo

If you measured the success of Jesus’ earthly ministry using a worldly yardstick it was a colossal failure. To some, Jesus was just that guy from Nazareth, and you know nothing good comes from Nazareth [John 1:46]. The folks with the power and opinions that “mattered” during His ministry were not impressed as much as they were annoyed. Efforts to upset the balance of power are never appreciated by those who presently wield it.

Humans and Horses are Amazingly Consistent Creatures

Humans are amazingly consistent when it comes to issues of ego, greed, and power. Horses, on the other hand, are amazingly consistent when it comes to matters of leadership and relationship.  Our work to earn worthy leadership status with horses is a work of every day, not something that it is possible to master and retain. The only way to achieve success is to risk being a failure in the eyes of a world that elevates fifteen minutes of You-Tube fame over the life of an unborn child.

The religious and political leaders of the first century liked the rules just the way they were. The status quo kept their names in the headlines, filled their storehouses with goods and cash, and new ideas were not welcome. Jesus came with radically fresh concepts and messages that had nothing to do with earthly wealth. Jesus was both the example and teacher of  lessons based upon worthy leadership and right relationship.

The Problem is Always Human Error

Religious and political leaders of the 21st century are no different than their earlier counterparts, and if you participate in the competitive horse industry you know that the same holds true for those who set the rules in your discipline, whether Reining, Dressage, Racing, Cutting, or anything else. The general rule is that the greater the paycheck for winning the less concern there is for the equine side of the partnership.

Rules of equine competition need revision

Rules of equine competition need revision

Many practices that were commonplace in the show barns of past decades are now universally accepted as abusive and have disappeared from (at least public) view. But many more training techniques grounded in pain or fear continue because they represent the status quo. This truth isn’t a problem of the equine community, it is a human problem.

In every circumstance learn to identify who presently has the power and wants to keep it. Don’t get stuck in a rut of behaving as the world thinks you should or as you always have.

From the economy to gun control, abortion to mental health, educating children to training horses, Jesus asks us to look past the status quo and form opinions and action plans based upon the foundations He taught of love, mercy, grace, humility, accountability, stewardship, relationship, and worthy leadership that is the genesis of overcoming faith.

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