More than anything else, thank you for agreeing to review one of the ministry books.

Writing book reviews is something few people relish. Getting book reviews is one of the most difficult challenges for authors. Every book published by Amazing Grays Ministry shares messages of grace, hope, faith, and relationship. Your review helps pass the message on to others. We never pay for reviews or use review services.Thank you cartoon

If you’re ready to post your review, just scroll down this page to the handy links to the book pages on the three main websites, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

If you’re not a seasoned reviewer, this page offers a few hints to make writing your review easier and provides the links to major review sites. Most people hate writing reviews and tend to think of it like homework. It can be an absolute chore, which is why the time and thought you are giving to it is SO APPRECIATED

Q: Why are book reviews important?

A: Your review will help others decide whether or not the book is worth an investment of scarce resources like time and cash. Writing a review is a service to prospective readers and a gift to the ministry.

Q: How long should my book review be?

A: As long or short as you want. People who tend to like reading long reviews often write long reviews. Folks who want to get a quick solid feel for a book tend to write reviews that are short and to the point.

Q: What should I include in the review?

A: Book reviews are very personal and usually tell others what the book is about, why you liked (or didn’t) it and what benefit it could be to readers.

Maybe these questions will trigger the thought that will become the heart of your review, and help others make an informed decision about reading the book themselves.

  • Did the book help you understand something better, or did you learn something new?
  • Was the book entertaining, inspirational, educational, or just a rehash of what everybody else has already said?
  • What did you hope for when you began reading the book? Did it deliver?
  • Did you discover something unexpected?
  • What did you think of the author’s style – the voice – of the book? Was it conversational, preachy, or boring?
  • Will you do anything differently with your horse (or other relationships) after reading the book? If so, what?
  • What audience or reader (Christian, equine enthusiast, folks interested in a particular topic or study?) might appreciate the message in the book?  “If you like reading about... ” or “If you loved (other book title) …”
  • Did you have a favorite quote, section, or chapter? Is there one message that stands out after reading the book?
  • Was it a quick light read or is there some real meat for readers?
  • Would you recommend the book? If you were talking with a friend, why might you suggest they read the book for themselves?
  • Is there a benefit to keeping the book around or is it one to read and pass on to someone else?

Don’t try to answer all the questions unless you’re a practicing over-achiever. If you’re one of the short review types, identify one or two main points and accept our thanks. If you’re a longer review type, just follow your writing muse to the end. Horse book review

Prayers have no appointed length of format. Neither do book reviews. We converse with God in prayer and book reviews are simply written conversations with others who are looking for something. Your review can help them to find – or steer them away.

Quick Links to Review Pages

Discipleship with Horses – Journey of Joy
Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace – Pursuing relationship with God, horses, and one another.
He Came Looking for Me – True story of hope and redemption
Rapture and Revelation – Welcome to the End Time
Amazing Grays Trilogy – Introduction to the Message and the Messengers

What’s the easiest way to post a review?

The easiest way is to write it in WORD or other note program and simply copy it to the page that corresponds with the book you reviewed on each website. That way you write it once, and can post it in just a couple of minutes.

 THANK YOU for helping spread the message. Your gift of time and consideration is valued, and we are grateful.