Ark Press PublishingArk Press Publishing was born in 2012 with the release of its first title, Rapture and Revelation (Lynn Baber).  The first two books associated with Amazing Grays Ministry were first released by another publisher.  Two goals led to the creation of our own ministry imprint.

Ark Press Publishing Goals

1. Autonomy and returning the control of sales, marketing, etc. to the ministry.

2. Making books more affordable to readers.

The original publisher set book prices and Amazing Grays had to buy copies in order to make the message available at ministry events and for use in other programs. This made the books a significant, and often prohibitive, investment and made it difficult to use them as we desired. New editions of Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace and He Came Looking for Me join an updated edition of Rapture and Revelation – all released by Ark Press.  There will be a time of transition as all the links and on-line references to these titles sort out at Amazon, in articles, and elsewhere. The new editions of the first two books include photos, some new material (especially in He Came Looking for Me) and went live on April 19, 2013. Whether or not online reviews will transfer from the first edition to the second remains to be seen.

Future of Ark Press Publishing

Plans currently include publishing only material written by ministry directors. If God leads us in a new direction, perhaps we will entertain outside manuscripts. Our challenge now is to work out the bugs in this brand new website and transitioning from the outside publisher to Ark Press editions. Thanks for visiting. Please visit our BOOKS page for more information.