Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace by Lynn Baber“Touching and engaging, convicting and inspirational.”

The second edition of Amazing Grays was released in April 2013 by Ark Press Publishing.

Amazing Grays is a scripturally based master class in leadership and relationship using the human/horse relationship as a mirror of that between a human and God. Learn the simple truth of concepts ranging from discipline to distraction, communication to commitment, and domination to Grace. Each chapter begins with a scripture then brings it to life with true stories of success, failure, love, and loss.

A former business consultant and motivational speaker, Lynn Baber exchanged the board room for the barn at the end of the 1980’s.  Her success as an equine professional includes achievement as a World and National Champion horse breeder and trainer, judge, Certified Equine Appraiser, and expert witness. Amazing Grays ministry began with two gray horses and the publication of Amazing Grays, the book.

Lynn, Bo, and Swizzle  2010

Inspiration for Christian Horse Training

Christian Horse Training (CHT) and applying gospel truth to our relationship with horses is the heart of Amazing Grays. Which really came first? The foundation of CHT is relationship with Jesus Christ, and the foundations of CHT are also found in Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace.

The secret of life is relationship with God. The important question is not how, why, where, or when; the important question is “Who?” This book is a collection of scripturally-based true stories offered for the sole purpose of sharing how horses allow us to find a closer relationship with God. Woven into the fabric of the message is love, correction, wonderment, obedience, accountability, success, failure, birth, and death. But the heartbeat that gives each life is a relationship with the Lord.

There are only two reasons why leadership fails, and only two reasons why followers do not obey. Get into the mind of a worthy leader as well as the mind of a horse. For horse enthusiasts there is no better manual for establishing an amazing relationship with a horse than Amazing Grays.

Share Lynn’s journey with her two amazing gray Quarter Horses, Bo and Swizzle, as they travel along the narrow path that leads to an open gate of freedom. The basics of worthy leadership, whether as a trainer of stallions, in business, in ministry, in education, or as a parent are the same. The beauty of using the horse/human relationship to illustrate the human/God relationship is in its simplicity.