Addicted to the Prisons of Busyness and Distraction

Face it, we don’t plan our days any longer, we have been reduced to planning our minutes. How many of you glare at the clock on your microwave because it takes SO LONG to heat up a cup of coffee? That minute and a half seems endless and is such a waste of valuable time. There aren’t enough minutes in the day already and there isn’t time to WAIT.

Distracted by Random Thoughts

People have been day-dreaming and losing their train of thought since, well – forever. All my life random thoughts have tended to side-track me from what I intend to do. You know what I mean, don’t you? You’ll be walking or sitting or driving and suddenly realize that you veered onto some mental (or physical) detour.

Last Friday I met a friend for lunch to talk about a vision for weekend retreats. Lunch was planned in Fort Worth and I headed out with plenty of time to get there. I often use travel time to think or have a conversation with God. I don’t remember what I was thinking when I realized I had taken the wrong Interstate and had driven far out of my way.

Invasion of Alien Random Thoughts

Waiting for a cup of coffee to heat up is nothing compared to the blocks of precious time wasted by the invasion of random thoughts. In addition to our own random thoughts we have to manage an invasion of alien random thoughts from everyone we know.

Electronics have become our master, not our servant. How many text messages do you send or receive every day? How many status updates appear on your Facebook page and how much of the minutiae of your day whisks along to appear on the timeline of your “Friends? Do you use Twitter? How many emails do you send and receive?

The Thief Who Steals Your Peace and Rest

Every text, Tweet, update, and phone call sucks the oxygen out of our peace, rest and ability to reflect. We no longer have time to consider what is important and what is not. We have been conditioned to be busy – both mentally and physically.

Jesus Christ gives peace and rest from weariness. Satan uses busyness to rob us of that peace and rest.

“Be still and know that I am God” – Psalm 46:10

Are your days calm or frantic? Do you spend luxurious quiet time with the Lord each and every day? Have you learned to wait patiently? Have you taught your children to wait patiently? Are you relaxed and content?

There is an epidemic of both depression and ADD/ADHD, the medical diagnosis of being too busy or distracted. The number of people being treated for these conditions with drugs is expanding exponentially.  Is this God’s plan? No. If not God’s plan, then whose?

Are pharmaceuticals the real cure for excessive busyness and distraction? What about prayer, fasting, and perseverance? No one who suffers from depression and an overwhelming schedule is enjoying the perfect peace of God.


There is no way to beat the demands the world is willing to place on you. The power to stop the madness is yours for the asking. That power is given by the Holy Spirit. The question is, are we willing to ask for that power or are we too addicted to our busyness? That isn’t a simple question but it is an important one.

Busyness and distraction is there. The remedy is available. Taking the cure, however, will forever remove you from full citizenship in the world.

Will you make Jesus Christ your highest priority or will you choose to remain the slave of another master? Like any addiction, the battle must be fought every hour and every day. Use the supernatural power of God as your guide.

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