Horse of a different color – Rapture and Revelation

The world is a mess. We are in the End Time. And I am blessed to say that the process of writing Rapture and Revelation is complete!

Welcome to the End Time.

Amazing Grays Ministry began in 2009 with two gray quarter horses and a soon-to-be-retired horse trainer – me. I will testify to you that not only does God have a sense of humor, but He wastes nothing. Furthermore, I am here to declare that trying to avoid a task He assigns is a losing proposition.

On the morning of March 11, 2011 God asked me to share this threefold message:

  1. The King is Coming.
  2. This is the End Time.
  3. We must choose today between God and Not God. (Don’t jump to any conclusions yet.)

Most of you know that my books have been about worthy leadership and right relationship with God, horses, and one another. This project was a horse of a far different color than I was used to working with.

I tried to not write it. Several other manuscripts were started, filed, brought out again, and then finally stashed until this one was complete. God is a most worthy leader and He means what He says.

“Because I told you to.”

The best way I know to communicate is by analogy or parable. Sometimes it’s annoying, but it’s effective if I come up with the right one. Think about a mom who tells her teen-age kid to clean his room. That’s it, no deadline and no threat, just, “Go clean your room.”

The next afternoon the son asks Mom if he can go to the movies with a friend. Mom asks, “Is your room clean?” The son replies, “No.” And Mom says no to the movie outing.

The following morning the son asks Mom if he can play soccer with the neighbor kids. Mom asks, “Is your room clean?” The son replies, “No.” Mom says no to soccer.

Eventually the kid will ask what has to happen in order to resume his life? Mom replies, “Is your room clean?”

In a nutshell that exchange pretty much describes my conversations with the Lord. Every time I asked for direction or guidance I was told, “Did you finish what I asked you to do?” Being less than a quick study it took me awhile to eventually realize the answer wasn’t going to change. Finally I got it. Nothing else was going to move forward until I finished the task assigned to me in March 2011.

God will make a way

I applied myself and went back to work on Rapture and Revelation. I didn’t want to write the book because I thought it was outside my areas of expertise. What business did I have writing a book about the End Time when many educated and dedicated preachers try to avoid the subject? What could I offer and who would care?

Just in case you missed that, I didn’t want to write the book because I was afraid I wouldn’t do a good job. But I was not the point. The instruction was to write the book, not to worry about receiving accolades or avoiding pot shots.

The editing process – It’s darkest just before the dawn

As winter turned to spring I hit the wall. I sent the manuscript to my wonderful editor, Barbara Schoeneberger. I prayed for her to be led by the Holy Spirit at the same time she was doing the same! It is a testimony to her obedience and dedication (and the Spirit was working…) that that first major edit was completed.

Lynn and her Amazing Grays

After a total reorganization and rewrite Barb edited the manuscript once more. As we neared the end of the process I learned that the message was simple, direct, and supported every other truth about worthy leadership and right relationship.

Most of the concepts of Rapture and Revelation are as familiar to me as working with a new horse. God always makes a way to accomplish His purpose.

Relief and understanding came by way of obedience.

Ark Press Releases “Rapture and Revelation” – The pressure is gone

The Kindle and eBook formats of the book were released last week. The paperback will be available soon. Was I surprised when the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders? Was I surprised when a number of concerns that had been bottlenecked for months suddenly broke free?

Nope. My room was clean and I had permission to go outside into the sunshine again.

The choice between God and Not God

Most Christians will say they choose God without missing a beat. Sadly, many would be wrong.  God is sending many out to share the truth about this moment in human history with His people. Rapture and Revelation is part of that message.

Should you invest a few dollars to read it? That’s your call.  All I was asked to do was share the message. I did.

.    .    .    .

Rapture and Revelation on Amazon

Lynn Baber’s bio

Read more about the book HERE 



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