7 Sermon Ideas for Cowboy Church Pastors

Another Sunday, another message to prepare. Have you ever had a week when the time between one Sunday and the next seemed really short? Especially when you’re drawing a blank about what message to share the next time your congregation meets. Would life be easier if you could open your desk drawer and pull out a book filled with ideas for sermons that connect a fresh look at a Biblical truth with a relevant scripture and illustration?

Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace is packed full of Bible-based concepts of worthy leadership and right relationship with God, horses, and one another. Written by a champion breeder and trainer, each chapter begins with a scripture then walks out the practical application in the real lives of horse and human.

7 Sermon Ideas from Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace

  1. The Path to the Narrow Gate from a wild horse’s perspective – Matthew 7:13-14
  2. The Relationship between Wisdom and Instruction – Proverbs 1:7
  3. How to Tell the Difference Between a Worthy Leader and a False Prophet – Matthew 7:15-16
  4. The Secret to Training Stallions and Other Hard- Headed Individuals from the Gospel of Luke – Luke 14:29-31
  5. The Proper Application of Enforcement and Punishment for Parents and Horse Trainers – Luke 22:42
  6. Remodeling is a Messy Process – Transforming the Old Man into a New Creation in Christ – Matthew 7:24-25
  7. Building Faith that Overcomes What Your Eyes and Ears Deny – Matthew 14:29

Sermon ideas that promote leadership, relationship and shared blessings – especially for horse folks

The next time your mind fails to provide a fresh idea for next week’s message, run your finger down the Table of Contents of Amazing Grays and pick a topic. Each concept comes complete with the Bible verse, a related quote, and a real-life illustration you can use to inspire your own message of faith that overcomes fear to the flock you serve.



This list of 7 ideas covers the first chapters of Amazing Grays. Other topics include:

  • Rapture and Tribulation
  • Perseverance and Progressive Relationship
  • The Difference between Love and Loving Leadership
  • The Difference Between the Habit of Task and the Habit of Obedience
  • Worthy Leadership – Discernment in the use of  Correction and Punishment
  • Balancing Authority and Humility
  • The Link Between Domination and Failed Leadership
  • The Link that Connects Faith and Effort

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