3 Things God Wants From You – Lessons from Horses

Do you wonder what God expects from you? Do you pray for guidance? Are you unsure of what God wants you to do?

Sometimes I ask, “What is my mission, my goal?” or “Am I serving the purpose God intends?” While these questions still pop up from time to time I know where to find the answers. Simply put, God wants the same three things from me as I want from my horses.

Elements of Right Relationship with God and Horses

Complexity is the stuff of adult humans. Simplicity is the stuff of right relationship with God, horses, and little children. God doesn’t care who you know, how pretty you are, or how much money you have. Neither does a horse or a child. The relationship we have with Jesus Christ is built on faith. The same is true when we are in right relationship with a horse. Where faith abounds no fear may abide.

Problems in any relationship begin when the focus turns inward to “I, me, mine.”  Life lived with God and horses is no different. What is the similar theme in these three questions?

  1. “Lord, what shall I do?”
  2. “Who should I be?”
  3. “What is my purpose?”

The central issue of each question is the one who asks… me. God is not the center of the issue, but “I, me, mine.”

Concepts are easier to manage when the spotlight shines on someone else. I discovered the answer to my questions when I turned the tables to consider my relationship with Bo, one of my amazing grays. How do I know when he is doing exactly what I want? These are the 3 questions I came up with:

  1. What do I want Bo to do?
  2. What/who  should Bo be?
  3. What is the purpose I have for Bo?

The answers to those questions were simple and provided the answer to my own. What I expect from my horses is exactly what God expects from me. Right relationship between me and Bo has the same elements or characteristics as a right relationship between God and me.

3 Things God Asks of a Christian

God wants the same three things from me that I want from Bo.

  1. Focus
  2. Willingness
  3. To show up when called

What do I expect from Bo? I want his attention to be squarely focused on me when we are together. When I show up I want him to stop what he is doing and be ready to come if I ask. The faith Bo has in me continues even when he is not physically with me. My faith in God is founded in our shared quiet times but extends into every moment of the day and night.

When Bo and I are together I want him to be willing, consistent, calm, and confident in his obedience to any new request or lesson. I promised Bo I would never ask him to do something he was not prepared to do. I promised him I would take care of all the big issues of life. All Bo has to do is focus, be willing, and to just show up.

God asks us to be calm, willing, focused, and to exhibit the confidence our faith in Him allows. I ask the same of Bo.

  • Should it matter to Bo whether I call him for a quiet visit or to compete at the World Show? Should his response be any different?
  • Should it matter to you whether God calls you for a quiet visit or to preach the gospel to an audience of thousands? Should your response be any different?

The answer to both questions is no. God asks us to focus, to be willing, and to be present. He asks us to come, to obey, and to abide. That is all I ask of Bo and all God wants from you.

.     .     .

Read Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace for a scriptural study of the pursuit of relationship with God, horses, and one another.

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