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Black Beauty Revisited – “My grace is sufficient”

One would naturally assume that Anna Sewell, the author of Black Beauty, was an accomplished equestrian who likely jumped fences with ease and ran with the wind on the back of a favorite steed who would eventually take on the epic persona of “Black Beauty.” Truth is... - Guest article by Andie Eisenberg,
Category: Daily Inspiration

Introduction to Life with a Blind or Vision-Impaired Horse

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Sometimes simply knowing the facts is a blessing. The frustration of working with a horse who just isn't responding as you expect disappears the moment you learn it is vision-impaired. I have two horses, one who is going blind quickly and another with a severe sight deficit. It's
Category: Christian Horse Training

Using Correction Properly – Teachers and Horse Trainers

Correction is a means of setting boundaries. Correction is synonymous with refinement. All great teachers use correction. It isn't possible to do anything well without pulling correction out of the tool box. Correction is NOT the same as discipline or punishment. The proper use of correction is always a gift that builds confidence.
Category: Christian Horse Training
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