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Shock and Assumption – Horse Show Practice Pens and Christian Congregations

If an 18th century Christian suddenly dropped into any church service in the United States tomorrow morning he or she might experience shock and horror. Actually, a better illustration for my experience today would be yanking a 21st century saint out of pew or pulpit, dropping him into an 18th century congregation for a number
Category: Christian Horse Training

Some days you’re the windshield – Some days you’re the bug

Some days I feel strong, energetic, and able to do most of what I could as a 30-year old. Other days I feel more like an over-cooked noodle. I call days like that Bug Days. Today is a Bug Day. I feel fine. There’s no soreness anywhere, no bind or pull, and except for my
Category: Christian Horse Training

Jesus Christ: Wanted Dead or Alive in the 21st Century

Have you noticed that the world is becoming a place of us vs. them? Have you given up watching the evening news because it is so distasteful or incredulous? “Oh the clamour of these days! Everyone is clamouring -for what? For the Son of God to be put to death.” - My Utmost for
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