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Relationship Triangles and Team Building

It is not possible to have the same simple relationship with another person you can with a horse. Few people have enough insight and wisdom to objectively evaluate their own thoughts, actions, and motivation much less those of someone else. As soon as two or more people enter into a relationship blender it starts getting
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Live, Laugh, Love, and Always Be Prepared

Each day is a gift to be opened with expectation, joy, and love - unless you just aren't a morning person and would rather rip into the day with a scowl as you wipe goop from the corner of your eyes and have no higher hope than to make it through till bedtime. The ability
Category: Christian Horse Training

Zimmerman Verdict – Justice Denied and Justice Served

George Zimmerman's acquittal is either a travesty of justice or justice served depending on who you are and the world you live in. Yes, the world you live in. I'm not referring to the issue of whether anyone in particular lives in the real world or one of their delusions, but indeed which actual world. "I
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