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Source of Temptation – The World

"The world is the realm of Satan in time..." Money, power, and pleasure. Temptation and distractions are issues common to all who pursue a right relationship with Jesus Christ. Barbara Shoeneberger, a director of Amazing Grays Ministry, presents a series about sin on her blog, Suffering with Joy. Following this brief excerpt is
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Day One: How to Establish Leadership in the Round Pen with Your Horse

The first instant you step into the round pen with a horse you are either teaching it to trust you, to fear you, or to ignore you. This is true for professional trainers as well as the newest horse owners. It is possible to establish a new beginning whether you already have a 10 year relationship
Category: Christian Horse Training

Animals in Eternity – Romans 8

Will our beloved pets share eternity with us? It's a question near and dear to my heart as well as millions of other folks. I have two manuscripts going on the topic but neither has been "cleared" yet for takeoff. There are numerous scriptures that must be considered when searching for an answer to
Category: Christian Horse Training

Horse training and Christian witness- Teaching what you don’t know

I don’t care who they are, no one knows what they don’t know. Yet many people choose to teach or preach what they do know before realizing the extent of what they don’t. Three topics that are guaranteed to get folks’ blood boiling are politics, religion, and horses. There are plenty of teachers and preachers in
Category: Christian Horse Training
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