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Gotcha Questions to Stump the Bible Teacher

Have you ever been asked a "gotcha" question about scripture? What motivates people to play 'Stump the Bible teacher'? What can a teacher do when confronted by an irrelevant and absurd question?
Category: Daily Inspiration

“Concerning Christian Liberty” – rare Kindle discovery

Christian liberty is a hot topic these days. I discovered a rare gem in the list of FREE Kindle books by Martin Luther. The message is as true in 2012 as in 1520.
Category: Daily Inspiration

Horse of a different color – Rapture and Revelation

When God gives you an assignment you may as well apply yourself until you get it done. Here's a brief review of the messages in the newly released book, "Rapture and Revelation" and how the expereience taught me to be obedient.
Category: End Time

Overheard in California – “Move over, God, I’m in charge now”

California has rejected both the Creator and His plan. How many parents can one child legally have? You might be surprised...
Category: End Time
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