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Pawn Stars, Wild Horses, and Counterfeit Christians

The History Channel's reality show Pawn Stars offers insight into the problem of riding wild mustangs and the pitfall of counterfeit Christianity. How can we know if the object of our faith is real or fake?
Category: Living in the World

Healed by God’s Amazing Grace

Nestled among all that is noble, generous, and magnificent in a person is something sinister- sin. There is Bad News. There is Good News. There is Grace.
Category: Daily Inspiration

8 Signs We Are a Nation of Quitters – Surrendered to Sin

Sin is not so much a defect from perfection as it is a factual characteristic of man. 8 signs that the USA has become a nation of quitters. How did we lose our courage and is it possible to find it again? Have you gone AWOL?
Category: Daily Inspiration

Preach the Gospel by Example – a Lesson from Horses

Sharing the gospel has much in common with both teaching and leadership, trying to share your knowledge or experience with others using both show and tell. Sometimes just talking about Jesus falls short of the mark and you cannot achieve any elevation of understanding or relationship. The only opportunity that remains is to preach the
Category: Christian Horse Training

7 Sermon Ideas for Cowboy Church Pastors

7 sermon titles, scriptures, and a link to real-life illustrations for Cowboy Church Pastors. When you need a little inspiration preparing for next week's message or a gift for someone who does...
Category: Christian Horse Training
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