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Satan vs. God – Entitlements vs. Unmerited Blessings

The voice of the Enemy speaks through the failed leadership of parents, pastors, politicians, and teachers when they speak lies about entitlement to adults and children alike. There is no respect for authority and precious few, if any, consequences for bad choices made at home, in school, in the workplace, on Main Street, and in
Category: End Time

Loved One Lost – A Prayer for the Unbelievers in Your Life

Do you have someone on your prayer list who does not confess Christ as Lord? Perhaps you have a family member who refuses to "hear" the gospel message. What do you ask for when you pray for intercession in their life? The Holy Spirit is the Director of prayer in the life of each new
Category: Daily Inspiration

Effective Prayer – Difference Between Need and Desire

Do you pray for the same things day in and day out? Are you really praying for what you think you are? Here's a step-by-step illustration of how to break down a prayer until the true need is discovered.
Category: Daily Inspiration

3 Things God Wants From You – Lessons from Horses

Do you wonder what God expects from you? Do you pray for guidance? Are you unsure of what God wants you to do? The answers can be found in our relationship with horses. God wants the same 3 things from me that I want from my horse.
Category: Christian Horse Training

Faith – Blessed are the Meek, not the Pathetic

Faith is not wimpy. Faith is not feeble. Faith is not miserable. Faith is not pathetic. "Meek" and "pathetic" are not the same. How can one be humble yet bold?
Category: Christian Horse Training

Why Christians Fear – 10 second answer

A complete absence of fear is only possible when one is either filled to the brim with faith or completely mad. Here is the 10-second explanation of the two causes of fear.
Category: Daily Inspiration
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