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Rider Error # 37 – Teaching Horse to Quit

Does your horse lose his frame the minute you relax your hand, seat, or leg? If you quit insisting does your horse quit working? Riding a horse is like driving a car. Teach your horse not to quit. The best example of leadership is your relationship with Jesus.
Category: Christian Horse Training

Time is Running Out – The Salvation Lie

Time is running out in the history of mankind. The choice between God and Not God must be made, and made now. The gospel of John and the "Salvation lie".
Category: End Time

From Resurrection to Real World

The "morning after" is often a let down, whether it's the day after a child's wedding, a great concert, or a significant birthday, anniversary, or family celebration. After rejoicing in the resurrection of Jesus Christ yesterday, the real world returned with a "thud" today.
Category: Daily Inspiration

Gethsemane and Calvary

It is impossible for humans to fully grasp the truth of Gethsemane and Calvary. One can intellectually relate to Christ's suffering in the Garden and on the Cross from an historical perspective or one may experience their spiritual impact as a new creation in Christ. But what is it possible to know?
Category: Daily Inspiration

God will Act – Prepare for the Unexpected

Expect the unexpected when God answers prayer. Isn't it just like a human to pray for a miracle and explain to God exactly how that miracle needs to look?
Category: Daily Inspiration
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