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World’s Candle Burns on Both Ends – Look Forward to Rapture

The Angel of Light, our enemy, is crafty and offers a source of illumination intended to confuse us and draw us away from the true source of salvation. The events of our day prove that the fire is getting hotter...
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Addicted to the Prisons of Busyness and Distraction

We no longer plan our weeks or our days, but our minutes. How did we become addicted to busyness and slaves of electronics.? Who is the thief who robs you of your peace and rest? What is the cure for an addiction to busyness?
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Be Occupied with Thoughts of Heaven

Eternal truths pop up in the work of most of the great writers and speakers. Both C.S. Lewis and Oswald Chambers shared this simple point that is highly relevant to all Christians in this hour.
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Goodbye popularity – Be Refined in the End Time

Common wisdom would have you believe that the larger your "posse" the better your message. This is a prime example of where common wisdom and truth diverge for Christians. Writers seek readers. Speakers seek an audience. Pastors seek congregants. Marketers seek to convert inquiries into sales. Television shows seek viewers. Websites seek visitors. The common
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Kirk Cameron, Homosexuality, and Being Out-of-Step with Jesus Christ

Actor and evangelical Christian Kirk Cameron's answer to Piers Morgan's question on gay marriage caused an outcry in the "faith community" that supports gay marriage. There are two basic problems with people of faith who support same sex marriage. Let's set the record straight with Biblical truths that will enrage the majority and debunk the
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