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12 Questions Jesus Asks You

Is your faith strong enough to banish fear from your life? Are you certain you know the true status of your personal relationship with Jesus? By the time you've answered the last question you'll have a pretty good idea.
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Unanswered Prayer – Destructive Power of Uncertainty

It is time to speak truth - the absolute truth created and shared by God who created the universe. Why does fear persist in the body of Christ? Why aren't prayers answered? I am delighted to share these excerpts from "The Destructive Power of Uncertainty" with you. The link to Roger Williams full article
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What Jesus said about Employment, Taxes, and Charity

Jesus speaks to the issue of how you spend what you earn as well as honoring the commitments you make. The decision about how you spend, save, or give away what is yours is not subject to the opinion or doctrine of others. Here is a concise review of scripture that addresses taxes, entitlements, employment
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Holy Spirit and Spreading Fertilizer

Pastor Dave at Brazos Trails Cowboy Church invited Amazing Grays Ministry to share a message recently. We were grateful for the opportunity and the very warm welcome we received.┬áTo be perfectly honest, this was the first time we spoke during an actual church service. We’ve been to churches, taken Bo (one of the amazing grays)
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Faithful Parents and a Head of Lettuce

The blessing of faithful parents and a head of lettuce? Enjoy this post about accountability from Barb Schoeneberger, a director of Amazing Grays Ministry.
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Stubborn and Manipulative Horses and Christians

Horses are great teachers of biblical concepts. Here's how one of our horses, Ace, taught me a lesson about "knocking at the door" and finding the way in through the narrow gate.
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A Trinity in Transition – State of the Nation

Do you doubt the decline of the United States and the church? The trilogy of "God, Family, Country" has been replaced with a new one...
Category: End Time
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