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Cell Phone Photos, Plastic Surgery, and the Gospel

The curtain opened, revealing nothing magical at all, only the back of a tiny little man frantically pulling levers and speaking into a voice distorting microphone. The residents of Oz and surrounding environs looked to the Wizard for leadership, security, and believed him to have a supernatural ability to affect the course and outcome of
Category: End Time

Measure of Faith – Paul and Silas

Is it possible to measure faith? Yes, although we may only do so for our self and not for anyone else. The example of Paul and Silas, chained in a Phillipian prison provides a wonderful foundation for understanding how faith may be "quantified."
Category: Living in the World

Perfect Peace Among the Ruins – After the Earthquake

The underpinnings of the earth are loosening, both literally and figuratively. No one knows the extent to which the world will be shaken by the events in Japan and across the globe. Even so. Perfect Peace Even so, the absolute proof of the grace of God is the perfect peace He gives His children.
Category: End Time
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