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Something New in the Heavens

A "new" astrological symbol, Ophiuchus, [pronounced 'o-few-cus] has been added to the twelve signs of the Zodiac already appearing in the daily papers. But, is it really new?
Category: Daily Inspiration

Walking with Jesus – Get out of the closet

Christians pursuing relationship with Jesus Christ are frequently confused by the concepts of walking with Jesus, being in the Spirit, or being one with the Lord. The more we work at it the muddier the water becomes. What does it look like to live when committed to "Thy will, not mine"? Is there a simpler
Category: God Speaks

Christians and Reining Horses

The definition of reining horses, who compete at breakneck speeds doing spins and slides, are horses who are "willingly guided." That means the horse performs amazing physical feats with no visible guiding hand from its rider. The link between Christians and Reining horses is the same, a willingness to be guided by the Trainer's
Category: Christian Horse Training
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