Shiner’s Story Part 3 – The Search Begins

Have you ever felt that your circumstances were hopeless and the only path ahead led to some bitter end? That’s exactly how Shiner felt the morning of September 7, 2009. Part 3 of Shiner's Story
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Black Beauty Revisited – “My grace is sufficient”

One would naturally assume that Anna Sewell, the author of Black Beauty, was an accomplished equestrian who likely jumped fences with ease and ran with the wind on the back of a favorite steed who would eventually take on the epic persona of “Black Beauty.” Truth is... - Guest article by Andie Eisenberg,
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Shiner’s Story: “We Once Were Lost” – Part 2

Have you ever been broken, hopeless, or in pain? Jesus promised you will never be abandoned. No matter how hopeless your circumstances appear today, Shiner's Story proves that the promise of a mansion in heaven is true. Part 2 in the series.
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Introduction to Life with a Blind or Vision-Impaired Horse

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Sometimes simply knowing the facts is a blessing. The frustration of working with a horse who just isn't responding as you expect disappears the moment you learn it is vision-impaired. I have two horses, one who is going blind quickly and another with a severe sight deficit. It's
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Shiner’s Story: A rescued horse with a message for the hopeless. Part One.

Have you ever felt that your circumstances were hopeless and the only path ahead led to some bitter end? That's exactly how Shiner felt the morning of September 7, 2009. What Shiner and his brother Ace didn't know was that our truck and trailer was rolling in their direction. God sent us to bring
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Using Correction Properly – Teachers and Horse Trainers

Correction is a means of setting boundaries. Correction is synonymous with refinement. All great teachers use correction. It isn't possible to do anything well without pulling correction out of the tool box. Correction is NOT the same as discipline or punishment. The proper use of correction is always a gift that builds confidence.
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“No Horse, No Hoof” – A blessing to enjoy and share with others

Andie Eisenberg is a gifted cowgirl poet. This is one of the best poems I have ever read - horsey or otherwise. It speaks not only to the sacrificial service our horses offer us, but the unknowable sacrifice Christ made for each of His own. "No Hoof, No Horse"
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Options for Dealing with Dangerous or Problem Horses – The Truth

Sooner or later most horse folks meet or hear about a horse that is dangerous or unstable. People who own such horses seldom wish to keep them but have no idea how to get them off of the feed bill honorably. Every horse person has an opinion about every horse question. This problem is no
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3 Basic Options for Horses that Pull Back when Tied

Every trainer and clinician gets asked about handling horses that don't tie or sit back when they are tied. It's a universal problem because there isn't a perfect answer. Here are the three basic options when your horse won't tie or pulls back.
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Inconsistent Performance – How good are your horse’s Company Manners?

Children and horses are often taught that the rules of behavior at home are different than those expected in public. When new friends come over for Sunday dinner children are told to use their “company manners.” Children are asked to exhibit a higher standard of etiquette, restraint, and attention than they did the other 160
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