Why horses bite and what to do about it – How to earn respect

What do you do if your horse bites you? Is food aggressive? Takes a sneaky little nibble when being led? How do you earn your horse's respect?
Category: Christian Horse Training

Quality of Life Lessons from Dogs and Horses

Horses and dogs are far better at relationships than people. What can we learn from them about quality of life issues?
Category: Christian Horse Training

Does your horse have a current Job Description?

Horses commonly disappoint owners, riders, trainers, and breeders because they were set up to fail. If you're not sure why your horse is failing, preparing a job description for him or her is an excellent first step. Jobs range from entry level to the place where the buck stops (no pun intended.)
Category: Christian Horse Training

7 Steps to a Successful Clinic Experience for Horse and Rider

No one pays to ride in a clinic or commits great time and effort hoping for a net-negative experience. If you’ve never attended a clinic or had a less-than-stellar experience in the past, this article is for you. What to expect and how to achieve success at your next clinic.
Category: Christian Horse Training

Horsemanship Clinic Junkies and Discipleship – Failure to Change Equals Failure

"Is this all there is?" Making progress in relationship with your horse and your walk with Christ always results in change - visible change, If you aren't making progress you are not changing. Failure to change = failure. How to recognize stagnant relationship and what to do to get back to active relationship.
Category: Christian Horse Training

What Horse Rescues Teach about Discipleship and Evangelism

How do you know if your call to serve, to disciple, or evangelize is real? Not every horse enthusiast is equipped to rescue lost or dying horses. Love and empathy are not enough. Compassion is just a gate opening the way for the first rescue. But far more is required...
Category: Christian Horse Training

The #1 Way to Improve Your Horse’s Performance

Everyone seeks a magic pill or silver bullet to make life easy, simple, robust, rewarding, and successful. Marketeers hawk self-help books, products, and programs that range from cheap and silly to excruciatingly extravagant and invasive. Horse owners are no exception...
Category: Christian Horse Training

Shiner’s Story Part 4 – Finding that which is Lost

Shiner’s Story is told in the book, He Came Looking for Me, and is presented to readers in free serialized form in this category. If this is your first visit, please watch this 2 minute video Introduction. Convenient links to the first three parts and a second video are found at the end of this page.
Category: Shiner's Story

Fear, Procrastination, Good Stewardship and Spring Cleaning

Spring may seem like the far distant future for some of you. If you're stuck indoors because the snow is piled high and temperatures are frigid, it may be the perfect time to talk about that pile of stuff that is "too good to throw out." Good stewardship often begins in the barn --
Category: Christian Horse Training

Cluttered Cues Produce Frustration

Do you ever think your horse ignores you? Many times horses do nothing because they can't figure out what in the world you're getting so worked up about. There's so much going on that there's no clear message. "Is she asking me to DO something? I wonder what it is? Since I can't figure it
Category: Christian Horse Training
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