Inconsistent Performance – How good are your horse’s Company Manners?

Children and horses are often taught that the rules of behavior at home are different than those expected in public. When new friends come over for Sunday dinner children are told to use their “company manners.” Children are asked to exhibit a higher standard of etiquette, restraint, and attention than they did the other 160
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How New Creations in Christ Create Transformative Relationship with Horses

The difference between transformative relationship and all other relationships is that the principals are changed – they are transformed from what they were to something new, something more. Not only are the individuals changed, but the once clear line of separation has blurred. The primary characteristic of transformative relationships is endless commitment.
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ADHD, Video Games, Multi-tasking, and Horse Training

I wonder about a lot of odd things. This morning I realized I had "fried" my brain in much the same way I fried that of my first show horse, General Silver, some 25 years ago. In the course of my morning wonderment I came up to a question about ADHD and video games. I'm
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The 4 Basic Commands of Horse Training and Discipleship

This article compares the basic “commands” Jesus gave to His disciples with the four basic “commands” we give to our horses. Read on a bit further and you’ll begin to realize that rarely will these four be used in a commanding manner.
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Third Grade Wisdom – The Difference Between Being Fair and Being Effective

Jesus tells us we must be as little children to enter the kingdom of heaven. This short story perfectly illustrates the simple wisdom and common sense of third graders. From the mouth of little children we learn the simple difference between being fair and being effective. Enjoy!
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What to do when your horse says, “NO!”

When a horse puts up figurative yellow caution tape around part of its body or resists a particular situation there is an obligation to resolve the problem and tear down the tape. What do you do if your horse says, "You can’t get on my left side," or "Don’t even think of using spurs on
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7 Reasons for Declining Horse Ownership

"This year’s American Horse Council National Issues Forum was titled, “Where Have All the Horses Gone?” During the recent forum in Washington, D.C., the question was answered on several levels, but the data also led to more questions." 7 answers to the question...
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The Unexpected Consequence of Clicker Training

The essence of Christian faith is personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Saving faith is a gift of the Holy Spirit that bursts into the human heart to take up permanent residence. New Creations in Christ are transformed – different – more – than they used to be. Clicker training does not seek transformative relationship with
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Do Horses Really Mirror People?

Horses often mirror the behaviors and emotions around them. Horses also serve as uncannily accurate Relationship Barometers. Watching someone in a mirror tells you a lot about their behavior but little about their motivation. Horses watch what we do and also make pretty good guesses about what inspired our actions. People are not as naturally
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Trapped – A Parable for the Hopeless

The last sister was alone. Her parents and siblings were gone and she was trapped. She couldn’t go backwards and there was no escape to either side. She sat. She thought. She despaired. Yesterday she had fussed, fumed, and wailed about the unfairness of her plight. “Why me?” she cried.
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